About Us

Our Story, as told by Marykate

Ten years ago a family at my school lost their father to cancer on Christmas night. His wife and 8 children were left with lots of faith and love but very little money. In order to help make the one year anniversary of his death a bit brighter, the concept of the Santa Hat Society came about.
The Santa Hat Society “elves” began working odd jobs such as raking leaves, washing windows, babysitting, cleaning cars & basements and everything in between. We earned over $2,000 which allowed us to provide each child in the family with the top three gifts on their wish list.
In 2012, we raised over $3,000 to benefit four families. In addition to each child’s wish list, we were also able to provide box seats to three different sporting events and arranged a “meet and greet” with professional athletes. In 2013, we raised over $5,000 to benefit eight families. We achieved this by selling handmade “Hints to Heaven” bracelets.
In 2014, we raised over $10,000 to benefit thirteen families. We achieved this by selling earrings handmade by Santa Hat Society elves. We were able to provide numerous toys and electronics to the families.  They also enjoyed box seats to four different sporting events and tickets to The David Letterman Show.
In 2015, we raised over $17,000 with a Cash Raffle.  We helped eighteen families.
In 2016, through an Auction & Cash Raffle, we raised over $31,000 and helped thirty-four families.
In 2017, through our Cash Raffle and many generous donations, we raised over $42,500.  We helped 38 families who faced the loss of a parent or child, a serious illness or other financial challenges.
In 2018, our Cash Raffle & generous donations brought in about $44,000 and we helped bring Christmas to 48 families.
2019 brought even more smiles to 52 families! We were able to raise $43,000.

A huge thank you to all who have contributed in some way to the success of this organization.